Brisbane, a New World City and the Projects with a Green Theme

Have you heard about the new “green” projects in and around Brisbane?

I have written previously with regards to the bigger projects underway in Brisbane such as the Brisbane CBD expansion, lead by the Queens Wharf project and Brisbane Airport Upgrade.

Being our largest hubs, they are also the most visible and will set the scene for a significant amount of change this year.

Branching out from the CBD, we will also see the Brisbane Metro and Cross River Rail projects take shape.

But there is a range of new projects underway in 2021 that will change the face of Brisbane and the way it looks and feels, while enhancing our lifestyle.

Will this be the year we start to shake off the country town tag and start to emerge as a new world city?

Here are my thoughts.

Suburban Change

It is not just the CBD and Airport that face both superficial and structural changes, there are also a multitude of projects that will do the same to our inner to middle ring suburbs.

To our west we have the Indooroopilly Riverwalk nearing completion, ahead of schedule thanks to COVID – 19.

The Riverwalk will link the Western suburbs with pathways and access in and out of major employment hubs and lifestyle precincts.

A similar project in New Farm increased the lifestyle features and benefits, while becoming a major feature of the suburb.


Continuing with the “green theme”, the inner-city suburbs of Kangaroo Point and Newstead will see construction begin of two new Green Bridges.


The Kangaroo Point bridge will be a game changer for the suburb, simplifying the process for pedestrians and cyclists traveling into the CBD and opening up a hard to manoeuvre area of Brisbane.

For the first time, there will be direct access to our CBD from the cliffside suburb that residents and commuters will be keen to take advantage of.

The Breakfast Creek bridge will also cater for pedestrians and cyclists and link the inner city to our northern suburbs.

Both bridges are designed around and will enhance the Brisbane River, while providing significantly more benefits and convenience to local residents and visitors to the CBD.

Along with these two green bridges there are dozens of new dedicated bikeways, pathways and even ferry terminals.

For the first time in almost half a century, Brisbane will be getting a new inner city playground – Victoria Park.

Dubbed as Brisbane’s answer to Central Park in New York, the 26- hectare council owned site, is currently being used as a golf course.

But the site will be transformed into public parkland with more native bushland, trees and adventure experiences.


The park will feature;

  • Lagoons and a water play gully
  • Increase in shade and bushland from 10% to 60%
  • Canopy walk and cycle pathways
  • Linking of bikeways and pathways to the park
  • A high ropes course

On the doorstep of the Brisbane CBD and transport hub of Roma St, it will enhance an inner-city lifestyle and give tourism another iconic feature.


Brisbane has been earmarked to develop into a new world city over the short term.

We are certainly seeing the streetscape change in and around our CBD and out to the Airport as our major hubs undergo significant upgrades.

There are also a couple of major projects like Brisbane Metro and the Cross River Rail that are making it easier for the commuters to get in and out of these hubs.

And we are now starting to see some major changes around our inner and middle ring suburbs also.

These projects have a green theme and are designed to enhance the way we live and make it easier to get around town.

Riverwalk’s and Green Bridges are the order of the day from Brisbane City Council, with works underway to make commuting by foot and bike much more efficient.

The first major park in Brisbane for more than 50 years will be the ideal way to offset some of the major construction in our CBD and be a tourist feature with even more green lifestyle features.

All these projects are designed to keep up with demand from local communities for a focus on convenience and green space as Brisbane gets busier.

Such an exciting time to be witnessing a change to old Brisbane town!


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