Education Investment Opportunity at The Mill at Moreton Bay

The Mill at Moreton Bay, emerging within a significant growth corridor in south-east Queensland, is being planned, delivered and activated by Millovate to help drive Moreton Bay region’s transformation into a distinct coastal polycentric city with a green focus.

Being developed as a sustainable, industry-integrated landmark destination for future residents, businesses and industries, academics and researchers, as well as visitors, The Mill at Moreton Bay is investigating the expansion of education infrastructure.

Building on the education opportunities offered by the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Moreton Bay that opened at The Mill at Moreton Bay in 2020, there is an exciting opportunity for other innovative and diverse education providers to be part of this project.

Millovate chair Nigel Chamier said: “We are leading the 20-year staged masterplanned development of The Mill at Moreton Bay which contributes to Moreton Bay Regional Council’s vision to enable and support population growth and economic transformation, employment and talent creation and retention, and community health, wellbeing, learning and innovation within the region.

“The Mill at Moreton Bay is primely positioned within one of Australia’s most progressive regions, with connections to the airports and major road corridors across south-east Queensland, supporting businesses and industries.”

Education proposition

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Mayor Peter Flannery said: “Since the launch of USC Moreton Bay’s world-class full-service university campus, growth in academic enrolments and research efforts have driven the university to proceed with delivering new spaces for teaching, research, sporting and recreational facilities. This is inspiring for our community.”

Chamier said that “Millovate is focused on building capacity in innovative and diverse education, research and training offerings, and lifelong learning opportunities to be delivered at The Mill at Moreton Bay.

Educational Investment Opportunity at The Mill at Moreton Bay

▲ USC Moreton Bay at The Mill at Moreton Bay.

“New education infrastructure is proposed to serve the Moreton Bay region’s community, and people from outside the region travelling to The Mill at Moreton Bay to access opportunities to learn and grow.”

“As part of the council’s vision, The Mill at Moreton Bay will support our region’s transformation, with the capacity to become an iconic, industry-integrated precinct in south-east Queensland,” Flannery said.

“The Mill at Moreton Bay’s investment in education, technology, innovation and research will differentiate our region from others within the state, and support and drive economic transformation for our region.

“Complementing this, we encourage greater emphasis on the development of professional roles that will create, attract and retain talent within our Moreton Bay region, which offers an affordable, community lifestyle.”

Education as a catalyst for transformation

In 2013, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Regional Development Australia investigated the possibility of delivering a new tertiary education facility within the Moreton Bay region—the findings highlighted a significant demand could be delivered in an area that was well positioned to serve the entire region.

In response, the council announced in 2015 that a site had been acquired at the former Australian Paper Manufacturers Petrie Mill in the Moreton Bay region to establish a university campus as catalytic infrastructure for education and research, economic development and employment, and community development. The 200ha site had a developable area of 65 hectares.

The Mill at Moreton Bay Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared in 2016 by the Queensland government and spans 460 hectares. The council’s 200ha site is within this PDA.

“The PDA advocates accelerated planning and development, market certainty and a significant scope to develop bespoke infrastructure, focused on economic development and community development, as overarching objectives,” Chalmiers said.

“This ensures The Mill at Moreton Bay’s investment opportunities are more enticing for investors.”

In 2020, USC Moreton Bay’s stage one opened with annual academic enrolments projected to reach 10,000 by 2030.

By 2021 USC Moreton Bay’s enrolments had reached 3000. With academic enrolments surpassing expectations, stage two with three new buildings was launched in 2022, projected to open in 2023 to cater for student growth, new programs and increased research efforts. 25,000 students are expected in the long term.

Educational Investment Opportunity at The Mill, USC

Education investment opportunity

Underpinned by the region’s projected demand and forecasted shortfall in education deliverables for the region, Millovate chief executive Stuart Pickering said “we are interested in working in partnership with education sectors, investors, developers, operators, and not-for-profit organisations who want to support the creation of a community at The Mill at Moreton Bay, and drive optimum outcomes for the Moreton Bay region.”

“The Mill at Moreton Bay is planning to integrate industries within the precinct, with a focus on building capabilities in education, healthcare, knowledge and lifelong learning, innovation and creativity, and more.

“Development activities we are considering include independent early childhood, primary and secondary schools; colleges and academies; special education; vocational education and training, and innovative and diversified education services.

“Potential proponents are encouraged to explore opportunities and to demonstrate the capability and capacity to develop innovative businesses, work with organisations to grow learning and employment opportunities, and work with USC and other education providers to develop education and training programs.

“Providing world-class educational facilities, academic disciplines and a related workforce, and employment opportunities, will deliver transformational outcomes for the region.

“The establishment of USC Moreton Bay at The Mill at Moreton Bay presents opportunities to nurture innovative, collaborative and cooperative hubs and partnerships with the university to produce creative and knowledge-intensive pathways and employment opportunities, including within healthcare and wellness.”

 Education market sounding

To register interest, email by 30 June 2022, detailing, at a minimum your company name, company overview and education interest in the project.

Millovate may nominate to meet with parties that register their interest.

The transaction framework involves a successful proponent entering into a development agreement with Millovate whereby the proponent is responsible for project delivery including managing all associated costs and risks. Long-term tenure will be granted to the proponent either by sale or lease of the land upon development completion. This is not just a land sale.

In the future, Millovate will offer industry opportunities in tourism and hotel, entertainment and sport, smart-city infrastructure, arts and culture, commerce, retail, and residential accommodation, to be delivered at The Mill at Moreton Bay.


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