Green Goals Halve Council Charges

Green Goals

Brisbane developers who reach high green standards will only have to pay for half of council’s infrastructure charges under a new incentive scheme.

The Brisbane Green Buildings Incentive Policy was announced in the council budget in an effort to encourage the construction industry to keep building through Covid-19.

Applicants who receive approval on a building—greater than 3-storeys—between July 2020 and June 2022 will be eligible to lodge a request for the payment.

Residential buildings, or mixed-use developments with dwellings will have to achieve a 5-star green rating, UDIA six leaf certification or one of the same criteria as commercial buildings.

Commercial office buildings will have to comply with the buildings that breathe design guide, have a carbon neutral certification and achieve a minimum green plot ratio.

However this incentive only applies to the council component for transport, stormwater and the community; and does not apply to infrastructure charges levied by Urban Utilities for water supply and sewerage networks.

Lord mayor Adrian Shrinner said the housing industry is a major employer, and if the predicted 40 per cent drop in new home starts eventuates half of those employed in the industry could lose their jobs.

“By incentivising the construction of high-quality and environmentally sustainable homes, we’ll also be making further steps towards our future blueprint goal of promoting best practice design in Brisbane,” Shrinner said during the 2020-21 budget speech.

“In addition to our 100 per cent rates rebate for first home buyers purchasing a new home, we will further support the home building industry by providing a 50 per cent rebate on infrastructure charges for the greenest and most energy-efficient buildings.

“This will be an incentive to those who are currently in the planning process or may already have an approval to make a commitment to getting on with the work, and creating jobs in our city.”

Upon commencement of the project and verification of the installation of specific design elements council will make the 50 per cent payment providing funding is approved in the budget.

Council will consider requests made for the Brisbane Green Buildings Incentive Policy until the end of 2023.

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