‘Insane’ Queensland penthouse for sale with 23 car spaces and its own nightclub

The apartment is designed to entertain with a nightclub, a commercial kitchen for caterers, its own cinema and 23 parking spaces reserved for its guests.

A plush Queensland party penthouse is so unique that its selling agents have no idea how much money it will go for.

The apartment, which spans the highest two floors of a one-year-old apartment block in the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland, has 23 garage spaces all to itself and its very own nightclub.

This 1250 square metre property — a size which is “crazy” for an apartment — is designed to entertain, with its entire second floor devoted to hosting guests.

As well as a private nightclub replete with its own dance floor and disco lighting, the prestige property has four living rooms, a cinema, six bedrooms all with their own ensuite bathrooms and a spa that can fit six people at once.

The place also has two kitchens, one of which is suitable for a professional chef to cater to events.

It went up for sale five days ago and the realtors have refused to give any indication of price.

“There’s nothing like it in the country, it’s just insane to be honest,” selling agent Emil Juresic from NGU Real Estate told news.com.au.

“It’s very hard for us to come up with the number because there’s nothing like it (but) it’s going to break some major records.”

Some offers have already exceeded $15 million, according to inside sources.

 Queensland penthouse

The cinema room.

Although the two-storey top floor apartment was only listed for sale five days ago, interest has already “exploded”.

Selling agents made a viral Facebook post and the website listing has been viewed nearly 10,000 times since it went live.

How many of them will be able to pay for the luxury apartment is entirely another question, according to Mr Juresic.

“We don’t need 1,600 buyers, we just need one right buyer,” he said.

He’s already arranging virtual inspections for Melbourne and Sydney people interested, as well as some international interest from China. A few local buyers have also shown interest.

Potential buyers have already offered around $15 million for the property, 9News reported.

Queensland penthouse

The balcony with water views. 

Queensland penthouse

The stairs leading to the second floor.

Despite its party vibe, the apartment is apparently owned by a large family.

As well as water views, it also has an open wood fire in the bar area, six gas fireplaces in total and four of its six bathrooms come with stone baths

For an idea of its opulence, Mr Juresic said the family spent $180,000 just on installing bathroom taps.

“There is no penthouse like this in Queensland, the state hasn’t seen anything like this ever,” he added.

Queensland penthouse

It comes with six fireplaces.

Queensland penthouse

The apartment went up for sale last week.

Although the owners are willing to wait for the right price, he doesn’t think the wait will be long as the property market is scorching hot.

NGU Real Estate sold $103 million worth of real estate last month, with the average property staying on the market for less than a week.

Many of those are being bought sight unseen, Mr Juresic also noted.

Queensland penthouse

The library.

Queensland penthouse

I has six bathrooms with three stone baths in them.

It’s part of a growing trend spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen the appetite for super-prime apartments grow eight fold.

A report released last week by property consultancy firm Knight Frank found that apartments selling for more than $10 million in Sydney and Melbourne or $7 million plus across Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast are on the rise.

Purchases of plush apartments have been turbocharged by the pandemic, especially in the past six months.

There was only an average of 8.7 prestige apartment sales transactions per year from 2011 to 2020, compared to 67 purchases so far in this year alone.

Queensland penthouse

The apartment is expected to go for millions.

The report’s authors have attributed the booming prestige apartment industry to three main reasons.

Firstly, Australians want low-maintenance homes but still with a lot of space, described as “house-like proportions for entertaining”. A penthouse, or at least a very large and luxurious apartment, meets this criteria.

On top of that, those seeking a luxury residence want one that can be easily locked-up and cared for when they jet off for long periods of international travel again next year.

The final reason for the sudden boom was holidays. Australians are increasingly buying a “co-primary home”, where the second (holiday) home is almost equal in every way to their main residence, especially in terms of comfort.

As demand has increased, so have prices. Luxury apartment prices in high-rise projects have risen more than 30 per cent across the major cities since June 2015, the Knight Frank research found.


Article Source: www.news.com.au