Inside millionaire influencer Jackson O’Doherty’s housewarming

A special stage was built for DJs for OnlyFans millionaire Jackson O’Doherty’s mega housewarming party. Picture: Supplied,

Millionaire influencer Jackson O’Doherty had a screamer of a housewarming at his new ‘Playboy Mansion Down Under’ over the weekend, spending $100,000 on the “smoothest party” he’s ever hosted, with jetpacks and jetskis in the pool, a special stage, three bars and much more.

“It’s the first big party I’ve ever had at the new house,” Mr O’Doherty said. “I kind of outdid myself. There was no dramas, nothing stolen, nothing damaged, everyone was really friendly, everyone left when the party ended, it was the smoothest party I have ever hosted.”

A special pool was built in the tennis court to allow for a spectacular jetpack and jetski action. Picture: Supplied,

That smooth party cost a smooth $100,000 and was three weeks in the planning coinciding nicely with Halloween … and it took about 60 staff to pull it off without a hitch.

“You don’t see much of that stuff out here (mega parties). Even the jetpack guys were covered in LED, we had the jetpack in a separate pool created on the tennis court. I had 100,000 litres of water on my tennis court.

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The Halloween housewarming party at Octogan House was the first big display of the home’s entertainment credentials. Picture: Supplied.

“We had about 14 security guards, there were staff everywhere, people on the jumping castles, the jetpack guys, a few professional dancers with really cool outfits, a few people in big floating zorb balls, a contortionist, tattoo artists … It was awesome. We even had a guy walking around with baby crocodiles and snakes, a licensed trained professional of course.”

Everyone loves a costume party. Picture: Supplied,

The 27-year-old – who made $4m to $5m after 12 months on adult subscription platform OnlyFans – paid $2.9m for the luxurious northern Gold Coast, eight-sided floorplan home called Octagon House last month after being alerted to it by his buyers agent Michael Bacon.

The property dubbed ‘Playboy Mansion 2.0’ covers a 4232sq m block and the main house has seven bedrooms and bathrooms.

“I’ve never thrown a party like it in any house I’ve lived in,” Mr O’Doherty said. “I’ve worked very hard over the years and I thought to myself I’m going to throw one of Australias’s best parties.”

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Some of the alcohol was supplied free of charge. Picture: Supplied,

The party was a 10-hour long festival that included the Stafford Brothers and other DJs dominating a specially built stage, three bars, six frozen cocktail machines, a few hundred bottles of spirits, 2400 vodka sodas and 200 bottles of special shots.

“We got the Wet Pussy Shot free and there were a lot of people taking pictures for Instagram and getting it out there. The party would have cost a lot more if we had to spend more money on alcohol. We also had a five metre grazing table with savoury biscuits, fruit, a few hundred bottles of water.”

Only good vibes were allowed, according to Jackson. Picture: Supplied,

He and manager Lacclan Gottfried plus friends spent three weeks preparing for the massive event.

“Planning, phone calls, driving around, shopping, we spent a few days emptying the house and putting up other furniture, we had a stage company come in and build a festival stage, then the theming and decorating team came in and the ladies decorated inside and out.”

The guest was just over 200 people with the final number on the day coming in at about 220.

“We made it pretty strict but we did allow a few people to bring partners or friends so they wouldn’t feel out of place.”

Jackson O’Doherty plans to hold more special parties linked to themes. Picture: Supplied.

Located 15 minutes from Surfers Paradise and with a guest list restricted to Queensland residents by Covid-19 border rules, the party has surprisingly not attracted noise complaints.

“It started between 4pm to 5pm, and guests started leaving at 1am to 1.30am. The stage and music was mainly inside, we had speakers outside but we reduced noise by about 80 per cent outside about 10, then we had most people inside. We didn’t have any noise complaints.”

“Everyone had a great time. There were a lot more girls than guys so we didn’t have to worry about anyone getting agro and we had a lot of alcohol.”

Everything in the home was cleared out to prepare it for the party. Picture: Supplied.

“We had a few taxis pre booked. We told a few of the neighbours and they were all pretty fine, they understand I wanted to celebrate buying a new house. We made sure people were not wandering around at all hours. And we had a few people walk around doing collection and cleaning around the street just in case the next day.”

The secret to his Halloween housewarming party’s success, he said, was that it was “pretty much leave your ego at the door”.

“Everyone just wanted to have a good time,” he said. It was a lot of work … and we did end up spending $100,000 on the party. I’m not looking for another house but I’m planning the next party – not too sure yet, but I’ve got some pretty fun ideas for Christmas and Australia Day.”


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