Qld home built to be its own power station with no bills

71 Sydney Ave, Camp Hill, was built just before Covid-19 saw massive price increases in the cost of construction.

A home without power bills might seem like a dream, but it’s what a Queensland new build has achieved off an 18-month long construction process – something that might take longer next time.

Developer Travis Pegg took a year and half to build his home at 71 Sydney Ave, Camp Hill, which is the epitome of the new Queenslander – with maximum energy efficiency a key feature.

“In total it took approximately 18 months to build our house, including six months for concepts, architectural plans, demolition, approvals and selections, and 12 months to construct,” Mr Pegg said.

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The “one piece roof” allowed a 20KW solar system to be installed to power the home.

The design from Dane Power of Koda Design ensured the house was created its own as efficient as possible energywise, he said.

“This included using window orientation and selection to capture the sun and heat the polished concrete slab but also allow cross breezes, and having a one piece roof to facilitate a 20KW solar system to be installed facing north to power the house.”

“I’m pleased that this house has not yet had a power bill,” Mr Pegg said.

He said the family had the luxury of building just before the construction crisis hit but plan to do the same again.

Windows have been oriented to capture the sun and heat the polished concrete floor.

“We were lucky that our house was finished just as Covid hit, but we missed the construction crisis with the price rises and lack of materials impacting builders so much. However we plan on building again in Camp Hill so will not be immune to them this time around.”

“Hopefully with good planning, an amazing building team around us, and some thoughtful product selections, we can achieve just as good an outcome as Sydney Ave – it might just take a little longer.”

The type of windows selected in various areas was also important to boost energy efficiency.

Real estate agent Denis Najzar of Place Woolloongabba, who has listed the home for sale with colleague James Curtain, said energy efficiency was a consideration of buyers now.

“It’s a very common question to have people are asking for solar panels and systems on newer houses. With rising electricity costs that will become a key feature.”

He said given the cost, wait time and effort involved with construction at present, buyers not willing to wait two years could explore houses that were ready to be occupied.

“What used to cost $1m to construct is now $1.5m. Essentially people that were looking to build or renovate are now probably shocked by quotes they’re getting from builders, and good builders probably can’t start right away. It’s a long queue to wait for a good builder, could be up to two years.”


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