The next big thing: Rooftop dog parks muscling in on pools

Elly Chien, Ken Liao and Midday at West Village, West End. They bought into Allere because of its rooftop dog park and grooming centre. Picture: Sarah Keayes.

Qld’s relatively affordable Olympic City is driving a surge in new-age families calling the inner suburbs home, a change that’s putting dog parks on rooftops where pools once reigned supreme.

West Village residents Ken Liao and his wife Elly Chien are among who have bought into Allere in the $1.2b West Village development in West End by Sekisui House – drawn by its pet-friendly design.

Consideration of the needs of their cavoodle furbaby ‘Midday’ drew them to the Allere’s landscaped rooftop terraces – which will be shared by two vertical residential towers, Uno and Duo – where residents will share an off leash dog park, grooming centre, lap pool, resort-style pool, landscaped gardens, outdoor dining areas and kitchen areas and workshop spaces.

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Artist’s impression of the top of Allere Duo (L) and Allere Uno (R) in Sekisui House’s $1.2b West Village development, which will share rooftop amenities such as an off-leash dog park.

Mr Liao, who already lives in a pet friendly apartment at Arcadia, said the large off leash dog park on the roof and in building’s own pet grooming facility sealed the deal.

“It’s quite convenient for people who have dogs or cats that they can be groomed in their own building rather than go out somewhere else,” he said.

West Village project director, Harrison Phillips, said the plan was to create “homes you grow into, not out of”.

“Pets play an important role in many people’s lives and it’s important that we consider this in the design of our communities, and residences. Within the Allere Collection, the rooftop amenities include a fenced off-leash dog area ‘Paw Pavilion’, a dog grooming and wash bay, and ‘Happy and Yappy Hour’.”

This cavoodle, Midday, is set to be amongst the first Qld furbabies to enjoy rooftop privileges including an off leash park and grooming centre. Picture: Sarah Keayes

Mr Liao said the landscaping focus was also a key feature they loved, especially as they hoped to have his parents stay with them in future.

“We were seeking a better and larger apartment. We are happy to live here because there are lots of restaurants and shopping centre, especially if my parents are here they can just walk one or two minutes to shops. The Olympic 2032 international broadcast centre will be quite near to West Village so in future we can look up to see fireworks and new developments which will be nice for us. We enjoy it here every day because there are a lot of trees, which is not common in a lot of projects.”

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Prices range from $745,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, to $1.02m for a three-bedder, and $3.31m for a four bedder – with the design said to be a modern vertical interpretation of traditional Queenslanders.

“More areas to live, more home-style amenities such as gardens and green spaces, more cabinetry and storage, and more purposeful design. Gardens and shops, pet play areas and workshops, all offer residents the opportunity to broaden their social networks and make connections with like-minded neighbours who share interests.”


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