Uphill battle for young Qld renters


Timothy Rettke, 25, Tyrell Esera, 19, and Lorenzo Patterson, 23, are among young renters trying to navigate the hottest rental market on record in Queensland. Picture: Liam Kidston

A group of flatmates has a week to secure a five bedroom home or cross their fingers that their current landlord will give them more time to move out.

Timothy Rettke, 25, Tyrell Esera, 19, and Lorenzo Patterson, 23, have been house hunting with two other friends for a month with no luck.

“We’re already in a house but we’re trying to get Lorenzo in so we need a five bedroom home,” Mr Esera said.

“There are not really that many houses with five bedrooms within the area or even closer to work. We’ve seen four. We’re going to go check out another one this week.”

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Mr Rettke said they’d ask their current landlord if they could have extra time to househunt if needed. “It’s still in the process,” he said.

The friends have been flatting together to cut back on cost of living expenses and save money.

“It’s just to help us save. I’m trying to save for a car,” Mr Rettke said.

New research by the Property Council found three quarters of renters would like to see the Federal Government do more to encourage more affordable homes to be built.

Property Council chief executive Ken Morrison said the Government’s official forecasts showed national housing supply was set to fall by around 35 per cent at a time when population growth would rebound.

“As a country we need to get better at bringing on the new housing that our growing communities need. There is no single silver bullet and every level of government has a role to play here.”


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