VEND Retail Marketplace – Ipswich Road, Annerley

A development application has been lodged for a Food Outlet and Shops, located 289 Ipswich Road, Annerley.

Designed by Estland Design Studio, the proposal seeks to convert the existing building to an activated space to host a permanent indoor market that will establish a variety of small business stalls and a cafe. The building will not be extended and the existing gross floor area will be retained.

The proposal will be a similar design concept to the existing VEND Retail Marketplace in Virginia though on a smaller scale. The internal market stalls will be dedicated to providing a platform for artists, local designers and creators to display their products in one location, supported by an ancillary cafe.

Ipswich Road, Annerley

The existing ground floor space will provide approximately 244sqm of stall area, hosting fifty two (52) small individual shop spaces and eleven (11) larger spaces. A large foyer area greats the entrance and 114sqm café is provided to the rear of the building.

The unique concept is the second for Brisbane and will allow a place for Brisbane south business owners to rent individual shop spaces to showcase their products without being in attendance. Vend will operate 7 days a week between 9am – 4pm.

Development Details
– Market Stall Area (244sqm)
– Amenities (32sqm)
– Cafe (201sqm)
– Mezzanine (238sqm)
– Pedestrian access and crossings
– Landscaped boundaries
– 64 car parking spaces.

The proposal provides 192 car parking spaces (2 people with disabilities) within the ground floor and basement car parking area. Vehicle access locations are provided to Brisbane Road.

VEND Retail Marketplace

The planners at Radian Planning Group state, “the proposed development will reactivate the existing building for a shop and ancillary food and drink outlet and does not compromise the overall intent and objectives of the Character Residential Zone as it is considered to be compatible in scale with adjoining dwelling houses and maintains as an appropriate level of amenity and privacy to all adjoining dwellings in this Zone, as already established with the current built form“.

Vend marketplace will use the existing 1,133qm of gross floor area (GFA) on the 2,456sqm site.

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