Where Is Solar Energy Found?

Are you thinking of installing solar panels on your home? Thousands of homeowners are installing panels every year to take advantage of solar energy. 

As energy costs keep rising, producing your own solar energy is becoming more cost-effective by the day. 

If you’re thinking of getting a solar system installed, you might be wondering “where is solar energy found, and does my roof get enough sunlight?”

Solar energy is found all over the world, but some places have more of it than others. Keep reading to find out the areas that can harvest the most solar energy and a few other things to consider in this solar energy guide. 

Best Places for Solar Energy Production

As we said above, solar energy is found all over the world, including at the poles. However, the further away from the equator you get, the less solar energy you can typically harvest. 

There are a few reasons for this; for one, when the earth tilts away from the sun during winter, the sun’s rays have more atmosphere to pass through, which weakens them. During winter, the daylight hours also decrease dramatically. 

In the tropics, the sunlight has less atmosphere to pass through, and daylight hours don’t decrease much in winter. 

Besides this, the tropics typically enjoy many sunny days during the year. Higher latitude regions tend to experience more cloudy days, prolonged rainy weather, and snow. 

For instance, if you live in Central Australia, your panels might be able to pull more power than if you lived in the Southern parts of New Zealand.  

That said, this doesn’t mean you can’t go solar if you don’t live close to the equator. Although you might have fewer sunny days, you can compensate for these with a few extra panels and additional battery storage. What’s more, nowadays solar panel cell technology has advanced to the point where panels can charge even in shade or indirect sunlight, just at a slower rate. 

Why Residential Solar Energy Systems Are Becoming So Popular

If you were wondering where is solar energy found, now you know. Just about everywhere! It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you receive direct sunlight to your roof, you can probably install a solar system. 

If you live in a tropical place like Florida, then this is even more reason to take advantage of the sun’s rays to power your home. 

Electricity costs are rising worldwide, while the cost of solar technology is dropping. Thanks to this, you can now receive an attractive ROI on a home solar system. Once the system has paid itself off, you’ll be using free energy. 

Curious to know how much you will save? Click here to learn more. 

Besides being cheaper in many areas than grid-supplied energy, solar energy is also greener. Apart from the emissions associated with solar equipment manufacturing, the active production of solar energy is emissions-free. 

Where Is Solar Energy Found? Anywhere There’s Sun

Where is solar energy found? All over the planet. Certain parts of the world do receive more energy from the sun than others, which makes them ideal for solar panel systems. 

But, if you happen to live in the higher latitudes, you can still run a solar system and experience the benefits of a cost-effective, green, independent energy. 

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